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Office of Economic & Demographic Research
The Florida Legislature

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Revenue Estimating Conference
Impact Conference

Results updated through 02/21/2024

This page contains the results from the Revenue Estimating Impact Conferences held periodically prior to, during, and subsequent to each legislative session to assess the impact of pending and passed legislation.

Agenda for February 23, 2024 [pdf]

The tables below contain current estimates for all issues considered to date by the conference for the 2024 Regular Session.
2024 Conference Table [xlsx]
2024 Conference Table [pdf]

To obtain the backup materials for a single issue, find the issue on the index list, and click on it to bring up the backup materials in printable (.pdf) format.
2024 Index of Issues and Links to Backup Materials [xlsx]

If you would like to have the complete package of the 2024 Regular Session results for a particular date, just click on the appropriate link below:
11/03/2023 Revenue Impact Results [pdf]
11/17/2023 Revenue Impact Results [pdf]
12/01/2023 Revenue Impact Results [pdf]
12/08/2023 Revenue Impact Results [pdf]
12/15/2023 Revenue Impact Results [pdf]
01/12/2024 Revenue Impact Results [pdf]
01/19/2024 Revenue Impact Results [pdf]
01/26/2024 Revenue Impact Results [pdf]
02/02/2024 Revenue Impact Results [pdf]
02/09/2024 Revenue Impact Results [pdf]
02/16/2024 Revenue Impact Results [pdf]
02/21/2024 Revenue Impact Results [pdf]
02/23/2024 Revenue Impact Results [pdf]


Conference Archives

Last Revised: February 23, 2024