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Office of Economic & Demographic Research
The Florida Legislature

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County and Municipal Revenue Estimates

Two sets of data are required by the Department of Revenue's Office of Tax Research to calculate annual county and municipal revenue estimates. First, the most recent annual population estimates, which have been adjusted for annexations and incorporations, are needed from EDR to begin the process. Second, the official Measures Affecting Revenue adopted by the Revenue Estimating Conference at the conclusion of each Legislative Session is required prior to completing the estimates. The Measures embody the fiscal impacts to state and local revenues resulting from enacted legislation during the most recent legislative session. Historically, the release of adjusted population estimates has occurred during early to mid-June, the Measures are completed no later than the end of June, and the subsequent release of local government revenue estimates by the Department has occurred within the late June to mid-July timeframe.

The Department of Revenue's Office of Tax Research has released all FY 2019-20 revenue estimates. Please note that these estimates are subject to future revision, if errors are discovered. Consequently, local officials should review this webpage periodically in the coming days. County or municipal officials having questions about their respective jurisdiction's Communications Services Tax estimates should contact Matthew Moore with the Department's Office of Tax Research at 850-717-7127. Questions about all other revenue estimates should be directed to Bob McKee at 850-717-6159. The 2019 Local Government Financial Information Handbook will be updated and published later this year, probably during the month of November.

Local officials interested in revenue estimates for a prior fiscal year should consult the relevant annual edition of the Local Government Financial Information Handbook.

FY 2019-20 Revenue Estimates
Post Date Excel PDF
Communications Services Tax


Carefully review the table notes. Any questions about the jurisdiction's estimated tax base or revenue estimate should be directed to Matthew Moore with the Department's Office of Tax Research at 850-717-7127.

Constitutional Fuel Tax
County Fuel Tax
County Revenue Sharing Program
Local Discretionary Sales Surtaxes

1st Revision: 8/21/19

This revision changes the Interlocal Agreement's distribution percentages and estimated distributions for Sarasota County BOCC and the municipalities of Longboat Key, North Port, Sarasota, and Venice. The estimated distrinbutions for all other jurisdictions are unchanged.

Local Government Half-cent Sales Tax Program
Local Option Fuel Taxes

2nd Revision: 7/22/19

The 1st revision only corrects the 1 to 5 cents local option fuel tax distributions for the Bradford County municipalities of Brooker, Hampton, Lawtey, and Starke. The 2nd revision only adds the Distribution Methodology information and revises the table notes.

Municipal Revenue Sharing Program

1st Revision: 7/26/19

Due to a data error, the revenue estimate for the Town of St. Leo in Pasco County increases. The estimates for all other jurisdictions are either unchanged or decrease by a very small percentage (0.06% or less), with the City of Jacksonville having the largest reduction of $6,458.

Ninth-cent Fuel Tax
Taxable Sales Reported by Transient Rental Facilities

1st Revision: 8/1/19

An error in estimated the transient rental base for five counties was made. New estimates are provided for Duval, Gulf, Hernando, Marion, and Monroe counties. The estimates for all other counties are unchanged.

2019 Local Option Tax Rates by County
Post Date Excel PDF

2019 Local Discretionary Sales Surtax Rates


2019 Local Option Motor and Diesel Fuel Tax Rates


2019 Local Option Tourist / Food & Beverage Tax Rates

Population Estimates for State Revenue Sharing
Post Date Excel PDF
Adjusted 2018 County and Municipal Population Estimates


Comparison of 2017 to 2018 Adjusted Population Estimates


Last Revised: October 21, 2019